1. Alex is the business owner, however each one of his highly professional Agents also owns their own business, so you can never be dealing with anyone but an owner. We all care!

2. Phillis Real Estate Queensland is a bespoke family business and not constrained by corporate culture.

3. Alex and all our Agents (owners) have a comprehensive knowledge of the Phillis Real Estate Queensland Listing and sales processes, to ensure the best results for our clients.

4. We are all willing to communicate with you using your preferred or nominated manner, be it: face to face, phone, e-mail, Facebook or SMS to keep you fully informed at all times.

5. Our view is that we work in partnership with our sellers and buyers to ensure that all parties achieve the very best outcomes.

6. We don't support pressure or unethical selling!

7. Phillis Real Estate Queensland has chosen to be the foremost Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialists. All of our Agents will communicate your sales marketing activity data and graphs on a weekly basis. We can interpret the digital data, which other agents can’t provide. Phillis Real Estate Queensland won the National Facebook Award 2018 for “Best Use of Facebook, and we are aspiring to being Best Practice in Digital Marketing.

8. Our data base is not huge as our agency has only been in operation for just over 3.5 years. We do know that our database is ‘Fresh and Active’ and we have many examples of people asking to be included in the database and advised of new property Listings. Recently we sold a luxury property that had been on the market with another Agent for over 300 days and we sold it in 23 days to a Melbourne client listed in our database.

9. Phillis Real Estate Queensland is committed to continuous training to ensure that we have the latest technology and processes to ensure that are Number 1 for you.

10. We all subscribe to the fact that when we are considering doing business together, we must all be a ‘good fit.’ If we think that we aren’t a good fit for our potential clients, we will advise you and resign from discussions. If we are a ‘Good Fit’ we are 110% committed! 

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