Ephraim Island is luxury residential development located in the suburb of Paradise Point in the north of Gold Coast, Australia.

The development was a joint-venture between Lewis Land and Mirvac. The island has an area of 9.6 hectares and was once covered by mangroves. The development is distinctive for inhabiting an artificial island in the Broadwater, connecting to the mainland by a 400 metre bridge. It is located immediately south of Sovereign Islands.

The island, its landmass sculpted into a conspicuous albeit backwards “e” from an aerial view, is divided into two sections.

The southern division, the ‘tail’ of the “e”, is covered mostly by undeveloped salt mud-lands. The design provides water frontage to every apartment.

The northern ‘eye’ of the island has been developed to include a marina, 12 larger buildings (the largest topping 11 stories), a restaurant and up to 30 separate beach houses open to the Broadwater. Alex has recently transacted a sale of a beach house on the Island with its very own beach fronting the broadwater.

The sheltered marina has a capacity of 115 berths.

The site was once the largest residential construction project in Queensland. 20% of the island has had its natural habitat preserved.

The Island has some world class facilities including a gym/spa, a unique restaurant and is only 5 minutes from the great variety coffee shops and restuarants at Paradise Point.

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